Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2012

The Abortion Debate in Biden-Ryan

The debate on Thursday kept the U.S. Vice President, Joe Biden and his Republican opponent, Paul Ryan, had a delicate point when asked to express their views on abortion, considering the Catholic faith they share.

Ryan said he did not understand "how a person can separate his public and private life of faith" and said his stance against abortion is based on that "life begins at conception."

Asked about the relationship of his Catholic faith, in relation to this matter, Ryan insisted that his position had nothing to do with religion, but with the values ​​that were instilled "to care for those in need."

"Democrats not only support abortion without exceptions, but also subsidize it," said the candidate for the first and only vice presidential debate of the election campaign in the U.S.

The moderator, Martha Raddatz, the delicate issue introduced by one of the common points of both candidates, their religion, to what Ryan said he did not understand "how a person can separate his public and private life of faith."

"The policy of the Romney Administration will oppose abortion except in cases of incest, rape or danger to the mother's life," he said about his earlier statement.

In his political platform the Republican Party opposes the practice of abortion without exception, and prohibits using federal funds to subsidize health plans that include abortion services.

Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012

Biden Debate - Ryan: Youth Versus Experience

Biden masterfully demonstrated his experience in politics, motivating the Democratic base, with solid arguments discussing the most critical issues and being at the height of its institutional representation. But this does not indicate that Paul Ryan has fallen behind. The young Republican leader said a strong pulse of debate for 90 minutes-long debate, which began with a discussion on Libya, to the country's economy, the September 11 attack or abortion, and ending with the view of each whether the campaign was being developed under the premises of respect, and zero cleaning dirty tricks.

Biden came out successful defense when the task has been waging Obama to stabilize the country's economy after inheriting a nation that was going through its worst financial crisis since 1929. Unlike Ryan, who repeatedly refused to answer how you will finance four years under the management wants to hold promise of a tax cut.

Some surveys indicate the end of the debate that the difference in numbers is not so far away. While Biden brings experience and management issues, Ryan is credited her youth positively.

This discussion aims to substantially strengthening the reelection of Obama in power who claimed to be proud of his team formula. U.S. citizens found a figure vicepresencial safely enough, knowledge and experience. Although this was the first and only debate of the candidates for running mate, it is estimated that as a result of that campaign teams of each candidate are as strong agenciando from activities in which they can match these two leaders again, to raise the political and get more endorsements from both sides.